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Why Kokanwadi

Konkan, A feast for the nature-lovers !!!

Konkan region, well-known for its natural beauty, is situated at the coastal line of western India, stretched from Raigad to Mangalore. It has a 720 km long coastline. Maharashtra's Konkan area consists of Raigad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and Thane districts.

Konkan is a coastal strip of land bounded by the Sahyadri hills on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west. So you can experience the beauty of sea as well as of mountains.The coastline is dotted with tall coconut groves, evergreen mango trees, creeks, harbours, hot water springs, caves, temples and the typical Konkani homes.

Along with the great natural beauty, Konkan region boasts of several places of geographical, cultural and architectural interest. There are a number of architectural wonders in the form of sea-forts such as Janjira, Vijaydurg, Suvarndurg, Gopalgad, Kulaba, Sindhudurga and many more...

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Konkani people and culture

Konkani people are generally peace loving, very simple and warm hearted. They are very helpful and friendly towards tourists. They depend mainly upon fishing and farming for their livelihood, but nowadays tourism is one of the upcoming businesses.

Marathi, Konkani and Malvani are the main languages spoken here, and Hindi and English is understood by many.The Konkani people are festive people by nature. Their love for celebration is deeply rooted in their culture and it finds its expression through the various festivals celebrated throughout the year. Some of the main festivals celebrated in the Konkan area are: Diwali, Dassera, Gudhi Padwa, Ganesh Chaturthi, Narali Pournima, Holi, Naag Panchami and Makar Sankranti.

Famous in Konkan

Though Konkan is famous for its natural beauty and several places of geographical, cultural and architectural interest, there are some other things for which Konkan always comes first in our mind. These are nothing but the fruits and fishes of Konkan.

  • Alphonso Mango
  • Fanas
  • Karvanda
  • Jambhul
  • Kokam
  • Casheew
  • Fish
Konkani Cuisine

Konkan being a coastal area, it has its own distinct way of cooking food. Coconut in various forms is liberally used in Konkani cuisine. Mainly fish dishes dominate the Konkani / Malvani cuisine. For non-vegetarians, Konkan is the best place to taste a variety of fishes as well as seafood.

A lot of spices (masalas) are used in the Konkani cuisine, however not all of the cuisine is hot and spicy, The 'Konkanastha Brahmin' style of food is quiet bland yet very tasty and non-vegetarianarian too. Here are some vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes one must try in Konkan.

Konkani Cuisine
Vegetarian Specialities
  • Chulivarchya Bhakrya - Pan cakes made of native grains cooked on a chulha
  • Fanas Bhaji - Spicy jackfruit curry
  • Amti Bhat - Rice and yellow dal curry
  • Koyada - Half ripe mango sweet-sour curry
  • Saandhan - Jackfruit sweet dish with coconut or cow milk
  • Kelphoolachi Bhaji - A konkan favourite made of banana flowers
  • Vatli dal - Side dish made up with raw mango dal
  • Sol kadhi - Kokam curry
  • Ukadiche Modak - Lord Ganesha's favourite steamed delight, the modak.
  • Kadva wal usal - Beans curry
Non-Vegetarian Specialities
  • Kurkuron Bombeel - Crisply fried Mumbai duck
  • Tisryache Kalvan - Clams in thick spicy masala
  • Bangadyachi Chatni - Spicy dry dish made of tasty fish
  • Vade - Sagoti - Meat dish with fried cake of mixed grains
  • koknwadi Ukadiche Modak
  • koknwadi Fish